Setting up accounts roles for users

Hey there!

Just started to set up account roles this weekend, should be finalized in a couple of days. Right now we have disabled registration till we work out a few more bugs, but soon we will be setting up a beta program for writers, developers and creators so we can get a baseline for content before we launch!

A brief rundown of how the accounts will work:

Gaming Accounts

Player – You guys will have access to pay and download games while being able to comment and review games you have downloaded.

Gamer accounts will be locked into just being allowed to game and write reviews on games while also being able to connect in the community. But this slot is mostly for people who want to game and aren’t really interested in writing, developing or creating. You are more then welcome to change your account to a writer, developer or creator down the road, but this requires a little more authentication while needing to be approved. But you will still be able to download assets and read tutorials on how to create games if this is a goal of yours.

Creative accounts

Creators – Be able to upload and sell their own assets and other game materials.

Writers – Be able to write game reviews and articles containing to Indie games.
Only account able to write indie gaming related articles.

Developer– Will be able to upload and sell games created by the user/team. Also be able to write tutorials, comments and reviews.
Only account able to upload games to sell.

These accounts will have a little more freedom on the site, but will also be able to upload content to help the site grow. But will have to be approved with a little more authentication just to make sure we don’t get unrelated content on the site. But that is not to say we will be picky either. We just want to make sure we have quality content for gamers and developers.

More details on accounts will be released further down the road, but we just wanted to give you an update to the progress of the site!

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